Trimpey Reunion June 21, 2014
12 June 2014 - 4:40:09pm

Where: Kingwood IOOF Picnic Grounds, Kingwood, Somerset County, PA
When 9:30 AM - ?

Bring a covered dish to share, and any item for the White Elephant Game. We will also have soft ball, horseshoes, etc, weather permitting/
Website Upgraded
5 November 2009 - 4:18:27pm

We recently upgraded to the newest version of this family tree software, so you'll find some new feature additions, like a forums section where members can communicate, a tasks area, fancy zoom in effects for images, slideshows, some new report types, maps ‎(you have to put in lat and long for your locations though - search Google for those)‎, the ability to create mailing labels, and improved security. Enjoy!
TRIMPEY REUNION Saturday, June 20, 2009
18 November 2008 - 4:17:38am

TRIMPEY REUNION Saturday, June 20, 2009
Don\'t forget to mark your calendar now!
Bring a covered dish and meet your family.
Kingwood Picnic Grove, Kingwood, Somerset County, PA
For more information contact Linda
21 June 2007 - 10:42:56pm

This site is dedicated to recording the family genealogy of the Trimpeys ‎(Originally Trimpe)‎ who migrated to the US from northern Germany.
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Trimpey Genealogy‎‎‎‎‎
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Earliest Birth YearKnox, Sarah Ellen ‎(I2858)‎
Birth between October 1865 and 68 () 21 15
Latest Birth YearThis information is private and cannot be shown.
Earliest Death YearWiland, Charlotte ‎(I2758)‎
Birth between 1822 and 1824 30
Death between 1880 and 86 () ‎(Age 58)‎
Latest Death Year King, Isabelle Lillian ‎(I1256)‎
Birth 29 April 1941 32 33 -- Glassport, PA
Death 15 October 2018 ‎(Age 77)‎ Age: 77 -- Hospice of Lexington, NC
Person who lived the longest
Kreger, Gladys ‎(I0062)‎
Birth about 1902 24 19
Death 6 November 2003 ‎(Age 101)‎
Average age at death
Family with the most children
Trimpey, Frederick E
Uphouse, Cora O
Marriage about 1899
Average number of children per family
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Most Common Surnames
Baker, Phillippi, Trimpe, Trimpey, Woods
This GEDCOM's Favorites  (3)
Everett Dale "Babs" Trimpey ‎(I0593)‎
Birth 22 August 1939 30 23 Lower Turkeyfoot Twp. Pa
Death 4 October 2012 ‎(Age 73)‎ Age: 73 Lexington, NC
Trimpey Genealogy‎‎‎‎‎

5 June 2020 - 1:19:29am

Upcoming Events
King, Elizabeth Elizabeth6 June 1872148Death 
Knox, Herbert Edmond
Knepper, Anna Viola
Herbert Edmond6 June 192991Marriage 
Trimpey, Charles R. Charles R.6 June 1878142Birth 
Knox, Walter Walter7 June 1902118Birth 
PATTON, Catherine Catherine7 June 1771249Birth 
Trimpe, William Ludwig
Rodieck, Katherine
William Ludwig7 June 1916104Marriage 
Trimpey, Paul Edward
St. Clair, Mildred Marie
Paul Edward7 June 193684Marriage 
Wetjen, George George7 June 197644Death 
King, Thomas Davie
Homer, Annie Catherine
Thomas Davie8 June 1881139Marriage 
Ohler, Elizabeth Priscella Elizabeth Priscella8 June 1915105Birth 
Trimpe, Gerhard Heinrich Gerhard Heinrich8 June 1846174Birth 
Barnes, Harold H Harold H9 June 192397Birth 
Hemminger, Luzeba Luzeba9 June 197743Death 
Knox, William H. William H.9 June 1848172Birth 
Tannehill, Mary Catherine Mary Catherine9 June 1911109Birth 
Trimpey, Miles Reid Miles Reid9 June 192595Birth 
Cook, Hilda Blanche Hilda Blanche10 June 1903117Birth 
Trimpe, Wilbur R. L. Wilbur R. L.10 June 1906114Birth 
Baack, Mina Mina11 June 1891129Birth 
Bowen, George Ernest Lewis George Ernest Lewis11 June 1916104Birth 
Cunningham, Robert Eston Robert Eston11 June 195664Death 
Durst, Casper
Ferran, Maria Elizabeth
Casper11 June 1735285Marriage 
Kovach, Andrew B Andrew B11 June 200119Death 
Phillippi, John Sherman John Sherman11 June 1898122Birth 
Trimpey, Carol Ann Carol Ann11 June 194080Birth 
Trimpey, Robert Neil Robert Neil11 June 199525Death 
Trimpe, Johann Gerhardt
Voigt, Frediedericke Elizabeth Wilhelmina
Johann Gerhardt12 June 1884136Marriage 
Trimpe, William Ludwig William Ludwig12 June 193684Death 
Trimpey, William Henry William Henry12 June 1914106Death 
Trimpe, Johan Dietrich
‎(unknown)‎Kepcha‎(unknown)‎, Elizabeth Koepge
13 June 1840180Marriage 
Kriebel, John John14 June 1920100Birth 
Mitchell, Karen
img src="themes/cloudy/images/small/male.gif" class="gender_image" style="" alt="" title="" />14 June 197545Marriage 
Trimpey, Lena Lena14 June 1916104Birth 
Younkin, Delilah Edna Delilah Edna14 June 1891129Birth 
Metz, Mark Andrew Mark Andrew15 June 196654Birth 
Phillippi, Elmira Elmira15 June 195664Death 
Phillippi, John Earl John Earl15 June 194278Birth 
Trimpey, Harry Harry15 June 199822Death 
Bruggeman, Anna Maria Katherina Anna Maria Katherina16 June 1917103Birth 
Trimpe, Hermann Heinrich Hermann Heinrich16 June 1835185Birth 
Knox, Daniel H. Daniel H.17 June 1877143Birth 
PATTON, Catherine Catherine17 June 1854166Death 
Trimpe, Johann Henrich Trimpe Johann Henrich Trimpe17 June 1808212Birth 
Trimpey, William Cook
William Cook17 June 195664Marriage 
Bowen, May Laura May Laura18 June 1912108Birth 
Cook, Hilda Blanche Hilda Blanche18 June 194575Death 
Hemminger, Luzeba Luzeba18 June 1908112Birth 
Jorns, Margaretha Margaretha18 June 1857163Birth 
Knox, Simeon Jr Simeon Jr18 June 1852168Birth 
Trimpey, Lester Carl
Lester Carl18 June 197743Marriage 
Seyfert, Martin Wilhelm Martin Wilhelm19 June 193585Death 
Trimpe, Hermann Heinrich Hermann Heinrich19 June 1842178Birth 
Cramer, Anna "Anneke" Margaretha Anna "Anneke" Margaretha20 June 1749271Death 
Cramer, Anna "Anneke" Margaretha Anna "Anneke" Margaretha20 June 1749271Death 
Nickel, Franz
Trimpe, Katherina Elizabeth
Franz20 June 1869151Marriage 
Trimpe, Johann Henrich Trimpe Johann Henrich Trimpe20 June 1808212Death 
Trimpe, Johan Henrich Berend Johan Henrich Berend21 June 1855165Death 
Trimpe, Johann Frederick Johann Frederick22 June 1806214Christening 
Trimpey, Louis M. Louis M.22 June 194179Death 
Zoril, John John22 June 1888132Birth 
Lephart, Isabelle Isabelle23 June 1862158Birth 
Phillippi, Gladys May Gladys May23 June 1912108Birth 
Phillippi, Yvonne Jean Yvonne Jean23 June 196357Death 
Trimpey, Andrew J Andrew J23 June 196852Death 
Trimpey, Frederick E Frederick E23 June 1876144Birth 
Weiber, Anna A. Anna A.23 June 193090Death 
Berthold, George W. George W.24 June 1912108Birth 
Collison, Ethel Fern Ethel Fern24 June 1913107Birth 
Phillippi, John R
Trimpey, Etta
John R24 June 1893127Marriage 
Wendt, Edgar
Hermann, Ruth
Edgar24 June 193981Marriage 
Seyfert, Martin Wilhelm Martin Wilhelm25 June 1911109Birth 
Trimpe, Arnold Mathias Arnold Mathias25 June 198832Death 
King, Charles Leroy
Bowen, Florence Edna
Charles Leroy26 June 192694Marriage 
Knox, Simeon Jr
Brown, Caroline
Simeon Jr27 June 1875145Marriage 
Koehn, Melvin Arthur Melvin Arthur27 June 192496Birth 
Wanstrath, Catharina Margarethe Catharina Margarethe27 June 1851169Birth 
Tracey, Barry L Barry L28 June 193783Birth 
White, Clara E. Clara E.28 June 1909111Birth 
Jackowski, Brenda Brenda29 June 196357Birth 
Jackowski, Brenda Brenda29 June 196357Death 
Trimpe, Johan Hinrich Johan Hinrich29 June 1706314Birth 
Cramer, John Sr John Sr30 June 1792228Birth 
Kellersman, Mary Mary30 June 193090Death 
Rhoads, Bertha Bertha30 June 1882138Birth 
Cramer, Margaret E Margaret E1 July 1914106Death 
Faidley, David William David William1 July 194674Birth 
Temke, Myrtle MyrtleJuly 198535Death 
Wehlage, Catharine Margaretha Catharine Margaretha1 July 1705315Birth 
Wehlage, Catharine Margaretha Catharine Margaretha1 July 1705315Birth 
Manges, Brent Andrew Brent Andrew3 July 198535Birth 
Trimpey, Ray Ray3 July 199921Death 
Ahrens, Rosetta Elise Rosetta Elise4 July 1920100Birth 
Woods, Samuel Douglas Samuel Douglas4 July 193585Birth 
Trimpe, Julius Julius5 July 1889131Birth 

Total events: 94
On This Day ...
Davis, Vereena Vereena5 June 199327Death 
Trimpey, Ethel Ethel5 June 1908112Birth 
Trimpey, John Bernard "Barney" John Bernard "Barney"5 June 1825195Birth 

Total events: 3
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