Johann Gerhard Trimpe  ‎(I1696)‎
Johann Gerhard Trimpe

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: 1816 Gehrde, Germany
Death: 6 October 1896 ‎(Age 80)‎ Rural Homestead, IA

Personal Facts and Details
Birth 1816 Gehrde, Germany

Immigration Port New Orleans 12/4/1850

Death 6 October 1896 ‎(Age 80)‎ Rural Homestead, IA

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Immediate Family  (F540)
Elisa Wiebold
1826 - 1910
George Trimpe
1853 - 1926
Elisa Trimpe
1860 -
Johanna Trimpe
1869 - 1933


Shared Note

This couple sailed from Bremen, Germany to America, landing in New Orleans, Dec. 4, 1850. They traveled up the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers to Cincinatti, OH. Evidently some Trimpes were there as the city directory named Trimpes. He worked as a carpenter and his wife worked in a tavern. In 1856 the Trimpes, along with the Rud Schuermann, Chris Folkmann, and the H Bremer families, went to Sec. 28, Iowa Twp, Iowa County, Iowa. They bought 10 acres of timber and started to build their log house. Each family bought an 80 acre farm side by side in Sec. 27 where a kiln was built on the Trimpe farm for making bricks to build their new homes. The Trimpe home was completed in 1860 and bulldozed down in Dec. 2000. These four families were instrumental alont with others in founding the St. Johns Lutheran Church.

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Close Relatives
Family with Elisa Wiebold
Johann Gerhard Trimpe ‎(I1696)‎
Birth 1816 Gehrde, Germany
Death 6 October 1896 ‎(Age 80)‎ Rural Homestead, IA
10 years
Elisa Wiebold ‎(I1697)‎
Birth 1826 Leeste, Germany
Death 1910 ‎(Age 84)‎ Rural Homestead, IA
George Trimpe ‎(I1700)‎
Birth 21 December 1853 37 27 Cincinatti, OH
Death 17 January 1926 ‎(Age 72)‎ Willliamsburg, IA
6 years
Elisa Trimpe ‎(I1702)‎
Birth about 1860 44 34 Cincinatti, OH
Death California
9 years
Johanna Trimpe ‎(I1703)‎
Birth 6 May 1869 53 43 Homestead, Iowa Co, Iowa
Death 21 April 1933 ‎(Age 63)‎ Cedar Rapids, IA